From the Lodge with Daniel


Welcome to my own personal creative space where I explore any areas that my muse leads me to follow

I hope you enjoy my creative expression in whatever form that takes through the art pieces or writing. I hope they may speak to you, inspire you, touch or move you in whatever way your soul or heart connects with them.

Welcome to my Website & Blog

Hello: Welcome to my Website and Blog. If you have read the About Me section of this blog you already have some idea of who I am and why I am putting this out for others to experience. I suggest you give it a read if you have not already done so. All of the…

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Ode to the Wyandottes

Noble Wyandottes Whose heads rest beneath The soil of your once proud land All you have left Is a small tract of ground On the street called Minnesota They cried for your nation while you lived Now they cry for your nation while you rest Trying to consume your lasting peace By their hunger for…

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Old Bill’s Rescue Story

Note: I was a professional Firefighter for almost 30 years. I had many interesting experiences and stories from those days. Some of them were heartbreaking, some inspirational and some humorous. In the public safety field one can oftentimes develop a skewed sense of humor to cope with the tragedy that is prevalent in the profession.…

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The Cold Night

The cold night voices in the wind sounds of souls echoed from the past pulling on the memories pushing on the senses teasing and twisting dancing on the air rhythm motion light moving in the darkness fighting off the day chants of ancient spirits faintly sing the songs of times once remembered proud free strong…

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Falling Petals, Flowers of Youth

The  heat of the fight raged in their being as they hit the street in white hot fury shots sang out like a wicked independence day salute young sons of fatherless mothers collapsing in a crimson deluge of endless despair hopelessness animated in the death of angry youth no nine to five mortgage, diploma, or…

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Transcendence in Everyday Life

Oftentimes individuals believe that the ability to reach a state of transcendence is something that is unattainable in their everyday lives. They feel that this is a state of consciousness that is only available to spiritual adepts, saints, enlightened teachers, and indigenous healers. Transcendence is viewed in our culture as something that lies beyond the…

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Re-membering Tradition in Changing Times

In the opening number of the Musical Fiddler on the Roof Tevye, the main character sings about the role of the social classes in his village. Tevya gives voice of how the traditional roles of people like the matchmaker and the rabbi contribute to the village. In the singing of the song the major theme…

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Life’s Changing Seasons and the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition

It has been 10 years now since the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition became part of my life and spiritual practice. The Pachakuti Mesa was given form in the world by my mentor don Oscar Miro-Quesada. When Oscar was a young man he studied with two primary Shaman’s or Curanderos, as they are know in Peru. The…

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My Latest Project

I am open to anything that stirs that creative spark within my soul that leads me to that space of flow in which one loses themselves.

In Light, Love, and Sacred Relationship May We Always be Together Forever in The Eternal Now