About Me

Hello, I am so delighted that you have taken the time to visit my site. My name is Daniel Baxley. I came into this  world on August 5th, 1950. I was born in Kansas City, Kansas, grew up, went to High School and College, and lived and worked there most of my life. I have been married three times and consider the third one to be the charm. I am married to my soul mate, partner, and friend my wife Karrie Marie Baxley. Karrie is a gifted artist who works in oils and pastels, and is the author of the book Dancing with a Thousand Bees. I have 3 fantastic step children with Karrie and a young granddaughter and grandson. From my first marriage I have a daughter, a teenage granddaughter, and two adult grandsons.

My first career was as a Firefighter for almost 30 years in my hometown of Kansas City, Kansas. It was a fulfilling occupation and I enjoyed being able to be of service to others and to the community. I have many stories from my experiences over the years that I may share with you at some point in time. One of them is on this site. I retired from the Fire Service in 2000 at the age of 50. Prior to my retirement I began to explore my spiritual self, and began to look at other areas of interest I want to experience. I have always been a very intuitive person and have had a strong connection with the unseen realms and the beauty of the natural world ever since I was a child.

Several years before 2000 I immersed my self in educating myself in alternative healing, different traditions and spirituality and becoming more of a whole person.. seeking balance and wholeness in this life. I became certified in many different healing modalities and went through many different programs. Among these were Massage Therapy, Reike, Craniosacral Therapy, Akashic Record Reading, Tai Chi, Attunement Therapy, Actualism, and Shamanism, and many others..

In 1998 I was ready to start my healing practice, just 2 years before I retired as a Firefighter. By the time I retired in 2000 my practice had grown and had become a full time business, which eventually became known as Shamanic Pathways. During the first part of my practice my emphasis was more on some of the established healing modalities that I practice in the fields of different energy therapy and massage.. however that began to shift dramatically as I got more involved with the unseen realm, and the practice of Shamanic Healing. I was originally introduced to the Shamanic work by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and worked with a very gifted teacher Sandra Ingerman. Around this time I began to study with some Lakota elders, and began to be adopted in the Lakota Tradition. I was sanctioned by my Native American Teacher to pour the Inipi. That is to conduct the Sweat Lodge in their tradition, as well as to practice other healing techniques.

In 2002 I met don  Oscar Miro - Quesada. Oscar was a native Peruvian and brought the ancient traditions of the Andes to the United States. He started the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition as a response to a request from his indigenous teachers to preserve the tradition by carrying it on to the western world. Oscar eventually founded the Heart of the Healer Alliance as an organization to spread these teachings and preserve the culture. Eventually he trained a cadre of teachers to train others in this tradition through long 5 weekend apprenticeships over the course of a year. It was my honor to be trained to be one of the first teachers in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. I have also traveled to Peru numerous times and worked with and studied with many local elders.. During the last 10 years of my practice my primary work was in Peruvian Shamanism through the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition teaching apprenticeships, conducting ceremonies, and doing Shamanic Healing. My Beloved Karrie Marie and I also became stewards of a local community in this tradition know as the Heartland Ayllu and began to grow a strong fellowship of like minded, heart centered souls who were called to this tradition.

Karrie Marie and I were married in June of 2007. A couple of months before we were married we purchased and moved to 10 acres of beautiful land, just 30 minutes outside of Kansas City in Gardner, Kansas. The land was originally owed by a Shawnee Native American and his family know as Jesse White Deer. We have a copy of the original hand written deed from 1858 transferring the land to him. Immediately upon moving onto the lands we could feel and experience the presence of Jesse and his ancestors as they danced and sang for us welcoming us to our new home. We had a very nice 30 by 50 outbuilding on the land which we converted into a stand alone healing space which we named White Deer Lodge to honor the tradition of Jesse and his family.

From 2007 through 2016 I practiced my Shamanic Healing and taught numerous classes in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. We had thousands of clients pass through these doors over the years, as well as being the home for the Heartland Ayllu Community. Over the years we served as a gathering place for all kinds of Shamanic Ceremonies in addition to hosting Solstice and Equinox Ceremonies throughout the year. Everyone was open to attend the ceremonies regardless of what tradition they practiced and they were always free of charge.

In 2015 while lounging on a beach in Mexico and retreating from the cold winter weather in Kansas I received a very clear message from spirit. The guidance I received was that it was time for me to redirect my life and move into a different space of being. For 30 years as a Firefighter I literally put out peoples fires on a physical level, and aided them when they were injured or ill as an Emergency Medical Technician.I was in a helping profession and of service to humanity. After retiring from the Fire Service my healing and teaching practice was up and running full time and I was still putting out fires. The difference being that in addition to working  on a physical level I was now working with the mental, emotional, and spiritual life of my clients as well. For almost 50 years of my life I had been engaged with being of service to others and being a guide for them to open their own personal doorway to wholeness. I believe we are our own best healers.

My beloved Karrie Marie and I had become elders in our community and within the tradition we practiced and shared. The clarity I received on the beach during that sunny day with the gentle rhythm of the surf and the sounds of nature flooding through me was that the time had come for me to close by healing and teaching practice, step aside from my leadership role in the community and open my life to a new direction. Karrie could not have been more supportive of my decision.

I spent so  much of my energy over the years being of service to others rather than  allowing myself the freedom to explore my own creative space and flow. I am in the elder years of my life and I no longer wish to be ruled by deadlines, agendas, dealing with other peoples issues and putting out their personal fires. My desire is to get up every day and be open to whatever spirit leads me to do.. regardless of wether  that is sometime huge or inspiring, or nothing at all..just relaxing or reading all day. One of my desires has been to explore my creative side through art and writing, to take classes I may enjoy and to be more aware of my body through exercise and my mind through meditation. In my life with my beloved this time in our lives has become our time.

So on December 21st, 2016 at White Deer Lodge during our Winter Solstice Ceremony we closed my Healing and Teaching Practice and Karrie Marie and I stepped aside from our leadership space in the Heartland Ayllu Community. We did a special ceremony that evening and passed my Healing and Teaching Practice and our Stewardship roles in the Heartland Ayllu onto Daniel Moler and Autumn Paige Moler. Daniel and Autumn are teachers of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition as well and have been mentored by us for many years. The are gifted and stellar souls, and we have full faith they will carry on our lineage and the teaching and healing practices we have worked with impeccably. On this date we also passed on the bulk of our medicine pieces and ceremonial items to the community in a large giveaway ceremony. In this way our medicine continues to grow, inspire and teach.

The Lodge has now been repurposed. It is now my own personal creative space where I can explore any areas that my muse leads me to follow. I know there are books waiting to be born, as well as other writings. Paintings are  beginning to emerge, mosaic  works have begun to call to me. I have started to take art classes as well. I am open to anything that stirs that creative spark within my soul that leads me to that space of flow in which one loses themselves. I am still working with spirit and the unseen realms, it is now finding its manifestation through art and creativity rather that through being a Shamanic Healer or Teacher. I will still be engaged in community and my tradition, yet my role has changed. I am of course an elder, however my engagement and participation will now take on a passive, witnessing side rather than active leadership.

As I began to move into my creative space in the Lodge one thing I found was I still had the desire and perhaps the need to stay connected and to share my medicine with the world. I began to put my art and creative endeavors on Facebook. I started to realize this connection was important and meaningful in my process. Out of my desire for that connection this site and this blog was born. I hope you enjoy my creative expression in whatever form that takes through the art pieces or writing. I hope they may speak to you, inspire you, touch or move you in whatever way your soul or heart connects with them. I look forward to hearing your comments if you would like to share. If a piece is available for purchase I would be so honored if you acquire it for your personal collection to share its medicine in your home and with your beloveds.

Thank you for visiting fromthelodgewithdaniel.com

If you have enjoyed my site and feel others may  enjoy it please share it with them.

In Light, Love, and Sacred Relationship May We Always be Together Forever in The Eternal Now

Daniel Baxley